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Amathis Health capital company with more than 10 years success experience in presenting services is one of success companies in commercial fields and now as exclusive representative of SILC ITALY in pet care products also exclusive agent of unimark spain in pet food we are proud to assign big part of our effort to doing yeoman’s service and presenting high quality products ,And to achieve this important goal we have cooperation with young and skilled team by using management advances with a lifetime experience.Amathis since stating activities always believed to honesty and this is obvious in all decisions and acts of Amathis .

Silc Spa

Italian company, producer of Hygiene products for humans and pets by BeautyCase Brand for Animals.


Spanish company, producer of Dry Foods for Dogs and Cats by using high quality ingredients, providing Healthy life for pets


Italian company, active in dry and wet organic foods for pets , Conserves, Pouches….


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How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

A schedule helps you stay on track and plan for your day. But did you know a feeding schedule can do the same for your dog? It’s true. Knowing how often to feed a dog and adding it to your routine can benefit you both. But before starting, you’ll need to answer the question, “How…


How often should I bathe my puppy?

Is puppy getting a little stinky? That’s natural. He’s running around a lot and getting sweaty. It may be time for a bath. Note: If your puppy is younger than 7-8 weeks, you should hold off on that first bath. Wait a while. His little body isn’t ready to self-regulate his body temperature just yet.…


Our Fat Pets

Like most cats, Max had a swagger in his walk. But because he was slightly overweight, the 15-year-old Maine coon began having trouble “jumping up on things,” his owner says, the extra pounds worsening his arthritis. So his owner, Jaime Wilson, decided her pet needed to go on a diet — barely two tablespoons of…